Liberty Village

Nestled in Frederick County, our cohousing community boasts 18 privately owned homes spread across eight acres, linked by pedestrian pathways. Beyond our living spaces, 15 acres of pristine natural meadows, woods, and wetlands offer ample space for exploration and connection with nature.

Our community hub, the Common House, serves as the focal point for social activities,potlucks, and celebrations. We are the county's first community where all residents have been educated on practices to save the Chesapeake Bay. Our homes are energy efficient with geothermal heating and low energy bills, and 10 more homes are ready to build.

Community news and information bulletin board.

Community Bulletin Board

Our community bulletin board is your go-to for current announcements and updates. Don't forget, all of our community events are also detailed in our online calendar.

Early sun looking over back garden plots and shed, with healthy plant growth.

Organic Gardens

Our gardens provide a secure, enclosed area for your plants to flourish, with an onsite well delivering top-quality water for optimal growth.

Four children sitting beneath the little free library looking through books.


Liberty Village is proud of being a multigenerational community with members of all ages.

Cohousing is the radical idea that a group of people can design a neighborhood from the ground up with a village in mind.‚Äč

Community-Centric Design: Harmonizing Private and Communal Spaces

The architecture of our community is designed with co-housing in mind, blending private homes with communal spaces. Central to this is the common house for gatherings, surrounded by walkways to encourage interaction. The layout is pedestrian-friendly, promoting a sustainable, community-oriented lifestyle.

White duplex with plants out front.