Our Story

Liberty Village: A Sustainable Co-Housing Haven in Frederick County

A beautiful rural sustainable cohousing community of 18 homes, ready to build 10 more. Homes are located on eight acres with pedestrian-only walkways, leaving 15 acres of meadow, woods & wetlands to explore. We are Frederick County’s first community where all residents have been educated on practices to save the Chesapeake Bay. Homes are energy efficient with geothermal heating & low energy bills.

We are multi-generational from age 1 to 80. Community decisions are made by consensus, usually smoothly & amiably and with spirited discussion if needed. We put a high priority on listening to each other’s point of view & working things out.

What is Cohousing?

Cohousing features private home ownership within an abundance of common resources. At Liberty Village, the common area includes the Common House, kitchen gardens, hiking trails, meadows, woodlands, marshland, chickens and multiple outdoor meeting places and retreat nooks.

The bottom line: a cohousing community is owned and designed by the owners and renters of private homes who are responsible for its ongoing management. 

Garden trellis in wild green growth in the foreground, person in blue shirt in the background.

Explore Liberty Village

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Liberty Village began in concept in 1989 with a dedicated small group of Burning Souls who read about Cohousing in McCamant & Durrett’s new book, “Cohousing: A Contemporary Approach to Housing Ourselves”.

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Delve into Liberty Village’s vision and mission: fostering neighborly bonds, environmental care, and vibrant communal experiences. Explore how we celebrate life through shared decisions and a caring, sustainable lifestyle.

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We care about the Earth and OUR future. Sustainability as a word gets tossed around in so many contexts that defining it is an elusive task. At Liberty Village, this word encompasses two broad areas.