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Occasionally an existing home becomes available because of a family’s relocation or other personal reason. All sales transactions are personal to the owner and may be negotiated directly with the owner or through a licensed real estate agent. These listings are also posted here to support the family’s marketing effort. We strongly encourage all prospective buyers to get to know the community culture through joining us at community meals, business or work team meetings, or any community event.

There are currently no pre-loved homes for sale.

New Construction

The LV Cohousing community is pleased to announce the availability of two new homes to be constructed this Fall/Spring. Each of these homes are designed with three bedrooms, two full baths and will be built over full basements.

They are of the Cape Cod layout with a full covered deck at the Front door and a second Side entry through a mud room. This open plan building design provides an ability for the buyer to make adjustments for those desiring to customize some aspects of the current design.

Architectural sketch of outside elevation of new construction


Sketch of the expected west elevation and north & south elevations.


These buildings have been designed specifically for Liberty Village (LV) and the existing buildings. They are ready for construction commencing this year. They have been planned to meet the same standards of “low/no maintenance exteriors” already established in LV. Available with crawl spaces or full basements.